Christmas Gift Bags for the Homeless

Christmas Season at The Haven of Mercy is always a very special time! We strive to give the men staying there a warm, happy, memorable Christmas Celebration with decorations, a Christmas message of God’s love, and Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings! These Christmas Gift Bags are the only Christmas presents they receive, and the only time of the year when our homeless friends have the privilege of getting something new, items that are a part of our normal, daily routine.
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Thanksgiving & Christmas Meals
Last year at the homeless shelter we fed and ministered to over 4,000 men, women and children at our Thanksgiving Day meal. This year we anticipate the need being even greater. 
As we minister to their physical needs, we also minister the love and life-giving Word of God. Many meet Jesus here for the very first time. Every soul saved, every meal served, every night of safe shelter, every shut-in and vet helped, every home supplied with a generous food box, power, water, clothing or furniture is a victory for the Kingdom of God!

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Thanksgiving & Christmas

Lives are really changed and miracles really do happen here!

Toys From Santa

We need toys for Santa Claus to hand out to all the children that come to The Haven of  Mercy on Christmas Day.  These under privileged children are not on Angel Trees or other Christmas adoption lists, and do not receive anything for Christmas.  This will be the only new toy they receive.  Please don’t forget the children!

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The Haven Needs Your Help!

The Haven of Mercy Ministries Homeless Shelter Welcomes Volunteers. Call the shelter and find out how you can volunteer today! 423-929-0616

Haven of Mercy Homeless Shelter

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